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10 Real Estate This or That Posts to Boost Engagement

By Carolyn Vento Last Updated November 12, 2022 3 min read

Buying and selling real estate is all about choices, and people can be indecisive. Buyers must consider their preferences and what’s most important to them when purchasing a home. 

You can help potential clients start the decision-making process by narrowing down all the questions about real estate that are going through their minds by creating this or that real estate posts.

What are real estate this or that posts?

In real estate, this or that posts help potential clients determine their wants and needs for future homes. The this or that real estate questions are poll questions that help buyers focus their search by comparing two or more options.

Why are social media and engagement important for real estate?

By using social media, you can generate more leads since most people check their social media channels daily—and typically much more often. 

You can ask people about their home preferences, such as styles and must-have features. By engaging with these potential clients, you establish trust while showing that you care about their interests. 

You will also learn more about your community, which helps when clients rely on you to help them make informed decisions. The more engagement you have, the better following you will have, which will make your brand more established

10 real estate this or that post ideas

1. Would you like an eat-in kitchen or a dining room?

Dining rooms were once used mainly for formal meals but are now more common as homes often lack eat-in kitchens.

Other families will find that the kitchen becomes cluttered without a kitchen table and extra space, so a casual eat-in kitchen is a must-have for them. 

By asking your clients about their living situation and future plans, they will better understand what they want!

2. Do you prefer electricity or solar energy in your home?

Solar energy can be expensive at first, but it’s a great investment that is cost-efficient over time. If your client is interested in this option, you may want to show homes with solar panels already installed.

3. Is your home a smart home?

Some people want to have the latest technology. They want to control the temperature of their home and open their garage with the touch of a button. 

Others are not so tech-savvy and would rather not deal with gadgets and apps. It’s important to ask this question as many homes are now built with smart features.

4. Is your home weather-resistant?

Based on location, a home’s quality may depend on its resilience. For example, in windy areas, clients will look for shutters. In cold places, clients will check the insulation for the windows and doors. 

Do your research to find the most practical weather-resistant solutions and which homes have them in your area.

5. Do you prefer one floor or multiple floors?

Some families would rather have the main rooms on one floor, like in a high ranch. Others would rather keep the bedrooms upstairs on another floor, like in a colonial. With multiple floors, noise levels can vary, and there is always enough space for everyone to spread out.

6. Do you need a home office?

With so many people working remotely, there’s a good chance that your client will need a home office. Even if there isn’t a dedicated office, being able to show clients homes with an extra bedroom or a finished basement is beneficial.

7. Do you need extra storage space?

Does your client have a large collection of items to store? Maybe they’d like an attic or a garage. 

A kitchen pantry or backyard shed can also keep the house organized. Give the client plenty of examples and options for storage space around the home.

8. Are you a social butterfly or more introverted?

Remember to think about the neighborhood as a whole when selling a home. Is it a lively area with lots to do or mainly peaceful and quiet with people who keep to themselves? 

Asking your client about their personality type and habits will help you determine if the home is located in a spot that matches them. You can also use online tools to analyze data and demographics for any neighborhood further. 

9. Do you or a family member require an accessible home?

If the client needs an accessible home, such as a wheelchair ramp, it would be helpful to know this information in advance. Some families will also consider the future and what they may need in the next few years. 

Homes that are already accessible and adaptive are a plus, but homes with the potential to be updated easily are also beneficial.

10. Is it important that your home is pet-friendly?

Do you want a doggie door? An enclosed patio or deck? A fenced-in yard? Finding out about a person’s pets will help you to find the perfect place for the person and their furry friends.

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