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6 Ways Video Will Increase Your Real Estate Business

By Staff Writer Last Updated March 23, 2023 4 min read

Real estate video marketing is a game-changer. Differentiate yourself and win more clients with this key marketing tool to extend your reach, open the door to more leads and referrals, and build your business. 

Video is a versatile marketing tool to present listings, establish and build your brand, and show off your marketing skills to make viewers want to follow you online, and most importantly, work with you.

Here are six reasons you need to start using video today:

1. Increase your reach

Share who you are, your passions, and your interests to create true connections with viewers who become followers and then clients.

2. Attract more leads and referrals

A strong and visible marketing strategy will sell the current listing and win your next client. Video is easy to view and share, which can help amplify your brand awareness online. 

3. Stand out

A personalized and personality-filled message will always be unique and it will make you stand out from the crowd.

4. Build your brand

Content that speaks to your viewers where they are now and where they want to be will always be on-brand. Include liberal amounts of your personality so viewers get to know you

5. Get to the point

Short and concise messaging is an instant hit for viewers. It shows that you’re concise and professional. 

6. Save time

Answer common questions and educate viewers through videos on your agent website, in canned email responses, and, of course, on social media.

How to create winning videos

Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can quickly create and instantly post real estate videos online. While that approach is well suited for quick teaser videos, creating a winning branded video takes some thought to hit on the right message and presentation.

With the right equipment, a little planning, and great messaging you will WOW viewers and grow your business.


  • Must-Have: Smartphone or DSLR camera. Most smartphones have high-quality video capabilities. A basic model digital camera will also do the job well.
  • Recommended: Microphone. Lapel mics are inexpensive (under $25 on Amazon) and provide better sound quality than a phone. A clip-on lapel mic decreases the distance between your mouth and the camera’s microphone for a more polished sound.
  • Optional: Lighting. Ring lights for cell phones and cameras can be found in the $20 to $30 range. While super helpful, lighting may not be necessary depending on light fixtures and natural light in the space.
  • Optional: Tripod. A tripod gives the phone/camera stability however, many cell phones today have self-stabilizing features to reduce or eliminate shakiness.


What message do you want to convey in your video? Will this video sell the listing or showcase the neighborhood to attract buyers to the area? Are you speaking to existing clients or positioning yourself as an expert to attract more business? 

Without a plan, your message becomes muddied and the video will miss the mark. List out the key takeaways for your video. This will become your outline and the foundation for the video shoot.

Shot list and script writing

Make sure you’re telling the best story and covering all the necessary details by using a shot list, or a script if you’ll have a speaking part.

An organized and planned approach truly is a must for video production, no matter if it’s a quick cell phone walkthrough video or a professional production.

  • List out your shots, locations, and graphics. Plan which rooms you’ll walk through and the features to highlight in a listing video. Know what graphics you’ll use for a market update video. Plot out locations for a neighborhood tour. 
  • Keep it short to keep it interesting. Our online attention spans are short but, it’s easier than you think to stay on message in a video of two to three minutes when you have a plan and stay organized.
  • Add your personality. Sure, there are other real estate agents using videos but they are not you. Any video topic will be new and interesting to your viewers when you let your personality shine. 
  • Give the people what they want. If buyers want home offices then be sure to highlight where they can get jobs done. Great outdoor living spaces never go out of style so show them off.
  • Blend the silly and the serious. Add some levity to your video to delight viewers and produce memorable content. From a video parody to adding an appropriate joke, make the video fun for everyone.


Run through your shot list/script several times until it becomes muscle memory. Find a practice buddy among your friends and colleagues or even use a mirror.

Familiarity with the script will boost your confidence and that confidence will come through in your voice and give polish to the visuals.

Modern Home in Denver

Video ideas

  • Listing video: Highlight features, show yourself in the space, and include some neighborhood highlights.  
  • Agent Spotlight: Introduction, bio, or video business card.
  • Neighborhood showcase: Local restaurants, coffee shops, and businesses.
  • A day in the life: Infuse comedy in these videos while showing your strengths.
  • Answer common questions: Ask me anything format, top questions of the week, or top five common questions. 
  • Homeowner tips: Curb appeal, decluttering, lawn care, or seasonal maintenance.
  • Just listed or sold: Short format teaser-style that showcases your success stories.
  • Market update: Statistics and brokerage news.   

Take these ideas and run with them. Add your personality and choose a method that works for the time you have available and your comfort level.

We also have 10 more ideas if you’re interested in producing more video content!

Put your real estate video to work

So you have a great video with a strong message and lots of personality. Now what? There are many social media platforms to post your video content. Email marketing is another great way to share your message. 

Here are some social media platforms and tools to use to promote your video: