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6 Benefits of Professional Real Estate Photography for Your SFR

By Emily Maracle Last Updated May 17, 2023 3 min read

As a real estate professional, you’ve likely heard the importance of professional real estate photography for your listings. However, using a professional photography company for single-family rentals has even greater benefits, whether you handle one or several single-family rentals. 

Not only will partnering with a professional real estate photography solution help you rent your single-family rentals (SFRs) faster, but it will also give you a competitive edge while saving you time. Still not convinced? Here are six benefits of using a professional real estate photography company for your SFRs. 

1. High-quality photos 

You’ll receive high-quality photos when you partner with a professional photography company. Professional companies employ photographers with the equipment and expertise to take high-quality images to make your SFR shine. 

They know how to use lighting, angles, and composition to make your property look its best and have the skills to edit the photos to make them look even better. While photos in a listing are essential, low-quality photos could actually deter potential leads as they won’t show the property well. If a renter can’t imagine themselves in the property, they’ll move on to the next listing. 

2. Increased interest

Professional photography will attract more potential tenants to your rental property. For example, when browsing rental listings online, people are more likely to click on listings with photos. In most cases, renters won’t even consider your SFR listing if you don’t include photos.

According to Zillow, one in four recent renters in 2022 took zero in-person tours. If you aren’t providing potential tenants with online tools, you’ll likely lose leads,  

3. Competitive edge

Professional photos can give you a competitive edge in the rental market. If other listing agents in your area aren’t using professional photography or have sub-par photos, you’ll have a competitive edge, especially when most renters take zero in-person tours! 

Our 2023 Real Estate Marketing Trends Report also found that 95% of the real estate professionals we surveyed used professional photography. If you aren’t keeping up with the competition and using professional real estate photography, you’re losing business. 

4. Time-saving

Professional real estate photography companies save time. If you’ve previously been taking photos of your single-family rentals, you can leave it to the experts and focus on other aspects of your rental business. 

Professional real estate photography companies also save time in scheduling. With an extensive network of photographers, professional companies accommodate your schedule. Virtuance even offers 24/7 online scheduling, so you never have to wait to speak to someone to schedule a shoot, getting your listing to market faster!  

5. Consistency

Using a professional photography solution ensures every listing is consistent, whether you have one or ten single-family rental listings. At Virtuance, all our photographers are certified, and every image goes through our 25 proprietary algorithmic adjustments to bring out the qualities that will get buyers to click.

Because of this, you can ensure quality and consistency across every listing. In addition, consistent photos and listings show clients your professionalism and enhance your marketing materials

6. Flexibility

Professional real estate photography companies offer flexibility that other solutions may not. Along with saving time, professional solutions allow flexible scheduling. Larger companies employ more photographers, ensuring you can schedule your shoot on your time. 

Apart from scheduling flexibility, professional real estate photography companies provide flexible service options. As a nationwide company, Virtuance offers HDReal® image packages, virtual tours, floor plans, and more, allowing you to schedule the services you need based on your budget. 

Virtuance is your one-stop solution for single-family rental photography

Partnering with a professional real estate photography company for your single-family rentals has never been easier with Virtuance. Our national service network and secure integrations help scale your business while reducing administration time and getting your listings on the market faster. Schedule your shoot today!