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Why Use Single Property Websites For Real Estate in 2021

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated May 11, 2021 3 min read

A single property website, or single listing website, is a landing page that highlights an active real estate property. Real estate agents can use a single property website as a way to help their clients market a listing online while avoiding the competition of third party websites and their MLS. While agents should always post the listing on third-party listing sites, like Zillow, as well as their MLS, a single property website can have significant benefits to the agent and their client. 

Before 2020, single property websites required additional marketing funds as well as added effort for the agent. Now, real estate companies that offer visual marketing solutions, like Virtuance, include a free Single Listing Website as part of every real estate photography package. This is a huge, never-before-seen, perk for real estate agents looking to improve their brand and add value for their clients. 

Here are a few benefits to using a single property website as a real estate agent in 2021: 

1. Buyers focus only on your listing

One awesome benefit to a single property website is that the website features only the listing you want buyers to see. There are no opportunities for buyers to view homes listed by other agents – they are solely focused on your listing! This can help put your sellers at ease in a hot market. 

Virtuance Marketing Suite on Mobile
virtuance marketing suite

A well-made single property website keeps buyers motivated on viewing your listing photos, reading your listing description, and filling out a contact form. They also have the opportunity to easily share the listing URL with friends and family or click on one of the social share buttons. 

As the agent, you’ll be able to easily track and view your listing website statistics reports to see how much traffic you receive throughout the week. You can also generate and track new leads

2. Buyers can easily navigate to your other listings

Some single listing websites, like the Virtuance Marketing Suite, can house all of your listings on one page. That way, buyers can easily see your other active listings while staying on the same URL that your listing website is hosted on. 

single listing site - view all listings page
atlanta turtle group – listing site

When a single listing website, like the Marketing Suite, features all of your listings as well as your brokerage information, your branding is clear and consistent. To prospects, you look professional. Additionally, your page is more memorable than a third party listing site that offers buyers a lot of distractions – which can actually be pretty overwhelming and exhausting for home buyers! 

3. Your listing presentation stands out

When you have a listing appointment, you want to show potential clients exactly what you’re capable of as a real estate agent. There are a number of important things to bring to your listing appointment, including a stand out listing presentation

real estate photography

Your listing presentation should show off your professional branding and marketing strategies. Imagine how impressed sellers will be when they see that you use professional real estate photography for all of your listings AND that every one of your listings has its own single property website. 

Equipping your listing presentation with a few of your single property websites will elevate your brand and help you secure more listings.