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9 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas to Boost Your Career

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated January 24, 2024 8 min read
Real Estate Lead Generation by Virtuance Marketing

While there are many moving parts in real estate marketing, an important aspect is lead generation for both potential buyers and potential sellers.

This part of marketing may feel difficult, initially, for many agents to navigate. How are leads generated? What are the best ways to generate leads for real estate? Listen, while hiring out is an option, you don’t need a lead generation company. Here are nine ideas to boost your lead generation strategy:

1. Social media

Over the last several years, social media channels have provided real estate agents with a platform to sell properties, connect with other real estate professionals, and develop relationships with prospects. If cold calling and direct mail fail, turn to social media for valuable lead generation.

This is where your value-based content will come in handy for attracting prospective clients. Below are three lead generation ideas to incorporate into your social media strategy.

Gated content is content that is made accessible through a user completing a lead generation form. If interested readers perceive the promoted content as valuable, they will be willing to input their contact information to gain access, such as their email address or phone number.

A lead form is only worth it if online users see it and engage with it. Share the link to your landing page, which will house the gated content and the lead generation form, on your social media channels. Those who see the value in the content will fill out your contact form to download the offer. Gated content can include white papers, webinars, case studies, videos, infographics, and more. When looking for online leads, gated content marketing has one of the highest conversion rates.

3. Promote your listings with digital flyers

Social media channels, especially Facebook, are great for sharing content with a targeted audience. That content needs to attract users, though. Try dressing up the post with a digital listing flyer instead of posting a listing description and tour link on your Facebook page. 

Hot Tip: The post can include the description and tour link in addition to your spiffy new listing flyer.

The best lead generation is whatever you find works for your real estate business. This can be email marketing, website forms, social media sponsored posts, or gated content.