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Thanksgiving Real Estate Marketing Ideas and Templates 

By Gretchen Gales Last Updated January 5, 2023 3 min read

People tend to jump from Halloween straight to Christmas. But don’t forget that an important (and delicious) holiday is an opportunity to remind clients that you’re always thankful for them (and their referrals). 

As part of your autumn marketing strategy, here are our suggestions for Thanksgiving real estate marketing ideas, including free templates to get you started. With our six ideas, you can build brand awareness and generate more leads while carving the turkey! 

1. Send your clients a thank-you note

Grabbing a few blank thank-you notes is an easy way to show your clients your appreciation. It also reminds them that you are available to assist with any of their needs at any time. 

You can also make Thanksgiving real estate postcards to send with a premade sentiment or a quick handwritten note. Remember to buy matching holiday stamps as the finishing touch. 

2. Give your clients a small gift

A small gift of appreciation relevant to the season is always a great way to remind your current clients that you love working with them. In turn, it can also remind clients you’re available for referrals. 

If you’re a talented chef, think about baking a treat. To save time and effort, you can also buy treats like cookies or pies to give to clients. Make sure to attach a small thank-you note or a clever saying matched with your contact info. 

Want to give on a larger scale? Organize an open house where you can give out pumpkin pies or other treats to drive more awareness to your business

3. Hold a Thanksgiving-themed contest

Offer a small prize in exchange for a few simple steps from clients on social media, like a gift card to a local restaurant or another popular place. 

Tell your followers to share their favorite recipes or how they celebrate the holidays. Have them tag you in a post or comment directly on a social media post you publish. Once you choose a winner, remember to include your contact info and grab theirs. 

4. Take part in Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday occurs every year on the last Saturday in November. Remind community members that, like a local bakery or store, you, too, are considered a small business

To get your name out there, post on social media about Small Business Saturday and how you play a part in the community. 

Additionally, you can pair up with another small business and display your contact info near their cash register. Promote their business through a newsletter if you have one. If you don’t, Small Business Saturday might be the right time to start! 

5. Post relevant Thanksgiving content on social media

Share relevant real estate and Thanksgiving posts to keep your clients engaged, even when they are busy preparing for family and food. 

But make sure you aren’t sharing for the sake of sharing. Make it something your clients can talk about, either in person or by text after the holidays. 

Even better, post something immediately useful, such as quick tips for simplifying the holidays or delicious recipes anyone can make. 

6. Use Thanksgiving templates

Even during the holidays, you should still be active and festive on social media or through other forms of communication. You can make your own or use premade festive Thanksgiving templates to liven up your posts in a pinch! 

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