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Why Every Agent Should Use a Listing Questionnaire

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated November 11, 2022 3 min read

Top real estate agents know that a listing questionnaire is a crucial pre-appointment task used to win the listing. 

With thoughtful prompts, a listing questionnaire may reveal insights into the seller’s topmost wants and needs. Every listing agent should send a questionnaire to potential clients before the listing appointment

What is a real estate listing questionnaire?

A real estate listing questionnaire is a form, typically available online, with a handful of questions about the seller and their property

Real estate agents send potential clients a listing questionnaire before the scheduled listing appointment to learn more about the seller and their needs. 

Why are listing questionnaires important? 

Real estate questionnaires help an agent prepare for an upcoming listing appointment. Without a pre-appointment questionnaire, a real estate agent knows very little about the seller when walking into a listing meeting. 

Preparation is the best way to impress potential clients. Knowing about the seller beforehand and offering resolutions to their most vital needs is a solid strategy for winning a listing

A listing questionnaire helps you create your listing pitch and really wow the sellers. 

Real estate listing questions to ask 

Aside from the basics (name, contact information, property address), there are several pertinent questions to add to your listing questionnaire template. We list the nine must-haves below: 

1. What are your reasons for moving? 

Most sellers have some emotional attachment to their homes, making selling more of a challenge. At the listing appointment, use why they’re moving as a motivator. You can build a positive rapport with the seller by encouraging excitement about listing the property. 

2. What is your ideal timeline for moving?

Understanding when a seller plans to move helps you create a personalized marketing strategy for their property. When you attend the listing appointment, you can provide a marketing strategy that aligns perfectly with their ideal moving timeline. 

3. On a scale of 1-10, rank your motivation for moving

Their motivation for moving gives insight into how aggressive you should be at the listing appointment. For example, a super-motivated seller wants a listing agent ready to pull out all of the stops. On the other hand, a laissez-faire seller likely prefers a more laid-back agent. 

4. What do you owe on the home?

Asking what they owe on the listing questionnaire can give you insight into their motivation to sell and their lowest price point. Additionally, it can be more comfortable for homeowners to answer this question on a form than at an initial face-to-face meeting. 

5. What is your lowest price point for selling your home?

Learning the lowest selling price point allows you to understand a seller’s expectations and to see if it aligns with their moving schedule. Additionally, this question better indicates their financial situation, real estate market flexibility, and emotional attachment level

6. What improvements or changes have you made to the property?

Homeowners enjoy discussing their renovations, especially if they put in the sweat equity. By asking about improvements and changes on the questionnaire, you can remember to compliment those updates while at the listing appointment. 

7. What expectations do you have for your listing agent?

This question is crucial. You have incredible leverage to prepare your listing presentation and pitch when you know the potential client’s expectations of your job. Consider sprinkling their expectations into your value proposition

8. How did you hear about me? 

It’s valuable to know where potential clients found you. If it’s through a search engine, your SEO strategy is working well. If it’s through a referral, you know your previous clients or sphere of influence are actively helping grow your business

9. Who else are you choosing to interview?

This question can give you a significant advantage at your listing appointment. By knowing who the seller is interviewing, you can formulate a value proposition that includes what the competing agent doesn’t offer clients. 

For example, if you know the competing agent or brokerage doesn’t use professional real estate photography to market listings, bring real estate images of your previous listings to the appointment. 

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The short answer is yes. Even if the client is a family friend, a listing questionnaire gives you incredible insight into the seller’s motivation and expectations. They may also reveal information within the questionnaire that they would forget to mention to you in person. 

The most important questions on your listing questionnaire should include the seller’s motivation for moving, what they hope to sell for, and their lowest price point.

Additionally, it’s helpful to know what they expect from their listing agent and how they heard about your business. 

These critical questions help you prepare to win the listing at your upcoming appointment.