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Who Pays for Real Estate Photos? 

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated February 8, 2023 3 min read

Listings are not required to have professional real estate photos, but statistics show that high-quality images sell properties for more money than iPhone photos. 

While there’s no rule on who pays for real estate photos, the agent usually schedules and foots the bill. There are several reasons a real estate agent will want to pay for the listing photos. For one, agents can use the images after a home sells for their listing presentation package

Agents can also use the pictures on their website and marketing materials. Top agents consider paying for professional images as part of their annual marketing budget. 

Who pays for real estate photos?

Most sellers can expect their real estate agent to pay for listing photos. As part of an agent’s marketing strategy, real estate photos are essential to promoting a listing online. Without professional real estate images, a listing may sit on the market and go unnoticed by potential buyers. 

The real estate agent likely uses the same photography provider for all of their listings. If they don’t have a photography partner, it’s easy for the seller or agent to search for a photographer online with the keywords “find a real estate photographer near me.” 

If the agent does not pay for real estate photography, the seller can easily schedule a listing shoot online and pay less than $100 for ten images (in most markets). 

How much are real estate photos?

The cost of real estate photography depends on several factors, but the location is one of the most significant. West coast cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Diego may run upwards of $500 for a listing photography shoot. On the other hand, cities like Orlando, Dallas, and Charlotte cost around $300 for real estate photos. 

While $300-$1000 is the average cost of listing images from a solo photographer, photography service providers like Virtuance help keep the cost low. Virtuance’s base price is $99 for ten images, with the most popular 25-image package starting at $149 in most markets.

Why do you need professional real estate photos?

As a seller, you need professional real estate photos to capture more buyer attention online. Professional photos receive more traffic online and see more in-person showings than listings with amateur images. With professional real estate photos, sellers should expect their homes to sell faster and for more money. 

As an agent, you need professional photos to sell listings, generate more leads, and improve your real estate brand. Hiring a photographer for listing images helps agents grow professionally and build credibility

Additionally, marketing listings with professional photos can strengthen your referral network. Past clients are more likely to refer you to other potential sellers if you successfully market and sell their listing. 

Partner with Virtuance for your real estate photography needs

Whether you’re an agent or a home seller, Virtuance can help market your listing with professional real estate photos and other marketing enhancements. Virtuance’s professional listing images attract more buyers than the competition and help sell homes faster. 

Scheduling a photo shoot is easy. Virtuance offers 24/7 online scheduling and a readily available client success team to help you every step of the way. 


Successful agents pay for real estate photography.

Professional images are part of their marketing strategy to sell listings faster and for more money. Additionally, consistent real estate photos help create a professional brand image and reputation in the real estate industry. 

Professional real estate photos can range from a hundred dollars to well over $1,000, depending on several factors. Virtuance’s HDReal® 25-image package is the most popular and starts at $149. 

The listing agent or seller may feel confident taking the real estate images themselves. 

The drawback of taking real estate photos yourself versus hiring a professional photographer is the loss of interested buyers.  With affordable providers in most markets, hiring a professional photographer will likely pay off in the long run, as your listing will sell faster and for more money.