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22 Real Estate Blog Post Ideas for 2024

By Meaghan Loraas Last Updated February 12, 2024 7 min read

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Hello and welcome back to Farm Friday! Many of you are likely planning your marketing strategy for this year and updating your business plan. For those of you with websites, I recommend starting a blog. Real estate agents are busy, yes, but a blog post can help generate leads for you while you schedule showings, publish listings, even while you sleep! Real estate blogging is one of the best ways to create leads passively. 

I’ve been blogging for nearly a decade. While many things have changed in the digital marketing landscape over the last ten years, one thing has remained the same: good content attracts leads. Your expertise is valuable, and no one understands your business the way you do. While you can outsource blogging, I highly recommend having final input on what content gets published on your site. It can be tempting to hand the reigns over to someone who knows SEO and content distribution, but they won’t understand the pain points that your clients face or hear the questions you hear day in and day out.

While real estate agents should make real estate blog posts a priority for their business, it can be challenging to get started. To help you out, here are 22 real estate blog post ideas for Realtors who want to generate leads passively!

22 Real Estate Blog Post Ideas

Feel free to take any of these ideas and twist them, contort them, edit them until they feel like “you” and your brand.

1. A guide to buying your first home in today’s market

The last two years, as you know, have been tumultuous in so many ways. While the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on “normal,” the real estate industry has seen prices skyrocket. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, real estate prices are rising faster than any time since 2007-2008. Buying your first home is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make, but it can be incredibly complicated. What considerations do your clients need when buying real estate in 2022?

2. Local events in your area

One of the best ways to use your blog to increase your online presence in your farm area is to write blog posts about local events that you’re either involved in or that you’ve planned. If you’re not involved with any real estate organizations, now’s the time to start. This blog post idea is especially relevant if you live in a town or city with multiple real estate brokers doing business there. You can also host content on your site written by your clients. Who knows? If one of your clients writes an exciting guest blog post for you about an event he attended, it could be just what the real estate marketing doctor ordered.

3. Housing trends

Another blog post idea involves current and forecasted housing trends. Housing trends can be real estate cycles, real estate prices in specific locations, or even real estate advice that you hear from your mentors over and over again. Housing trends are essential for real estate sales because they make real estate more relatable to potential homebuyers. What real estate trends do you see happening in real life? Use your personal experience to create a unique post that provides value to your potential clients.

4. Mortgage rates

When you’re looking for real estate blog topics that will interest your potential clients, mortgage rate updates from a real estate professional’s viewpoint are gold. Mortgage rates constantly fluctuate, and knowing how they impact your client base is critical information that can save your clients thousands of dollars. How does your mortgage compare to others in your area? Is it competitively priced or too expensive? These are all questions your clients may ask themselves when considering purchasing a home.

5. Local property tax rates

Property tax rates are another topic that can be very helpful to your clients. Not only are property taxes important to homeowners, but they’re also a significant factor in determining whether or not someone wants to buy a particular house. Knowing the average property tax rates in your area can help your clients decide which properties are worth investigating further, while other homes may be better off left alone.

real estate blog post ideas
Unique images can help your blog post reach more people. Use professional real estate photography for blog-ready content!

6. Local home values

Home values are constantly changing, and this is something that you should keep up with. You can create content that reflects actual home values in your area. You can do this by writing about homes you’ve sold, finding real estate statistics on (or another source), or even interviewing other local Realtors to get their take on what’s happening in the real estate industry within your farm area.

7. Types of mortgages

Mortgage types are one of the top areas of concern for home buyers. This blog post involves researching various mortgage types and reporting on what’s viable in real life for different potential clients based on their credit and income. Be sure to include current interest rates for each specific type of mortgage you mention.

8. Lifestyle posts

Of course, you sell properties in the real estate business, but you also sell a lifestyle. One of the ways to appeal to potential clients is to show them what their futures can look like in a particular neighborhood or home.  Research similar properties in your farm area and write about their differences to show potential clients how their lifestyles can change based on where they live.

9. Home decorating tips for sellers

This real estate blog post idea is perfect if you’re currently selling homes for your agency. Your real estate business blog doesn’t have to be all about real estate. You can also appeal to prospective clients by writing real estate blog posts on the personal side. For example, if you’re selling homes for your real estate agency, write a post with home decorating tips for sellers.  

10. Historic homes in your area

Write a real estate blog post about real estate history in your farm area. First, do some research and determine when the first real estate transaction was made in your town or state. Then, write a detailed blog post telling the story of real estate growth in your town or city from the very beginning to today. Additionally, you can feature historical landmarks in your farm area or historic homes. Everyone loves reading about history, right?

11. Top buyer questions

If you’re trying to create real estate blog content that genuinely provides real value, asking your clients what they’re searching for is one of the best ways to make it happen. You can find their real questions about buying real estate and use your real estate business blog to answer them in detail. Keep in mind; this isn’t a post where you tell your clients the answers. Instead, this real estate blog post idea aims to provide accurate content that helps people looking to buy real estate in the future.

12. The evolution of real estate

The evolution of real estate is another interesting topic that can attract many readers and provide real value for those interested in buying houses in the real estate business. Again, this real estate blog post does not mean simply telling your clients the answer to their actual questions. Instead, it’s about writing detailed accounts of real estate history and how it has evolved. To grab more people’s attention, include real-life examples in your real estate blog posts whenever possible.

13. Property management tips

This real estate blog post idea is the perfect example of providing real value to your readers. As a real estate agent, you know how important it is for real estate investors to manage their properties effectively. This real estate blog post about property management can make your clients’ lives easier by saving them time and money.

14. How to spot a great realtor

It can be difficult for buyers, sellers, or investors to find the Realtor that’s right for them. For this post, list what questions you should ask yourself and your agent before hiring someone to help you buy or sell real estate in your real estate business. Then, you can write about how you can answer those questions for your potential clients and why they should choose you to be their Realtor!

15. Great realtors change lives

Use this real estate blog post to tell at least three stories of how Realtors have changed lives for the better. You can start with your real-life example of how you have changed lives for the better. Then, find two more real-life stories of real estate agents who have made a difference in someone’s life and write all three success stories together. Chef’s kiss, amirite?

real estate marketing
Writing a real estate blog doesn’t have to be complicated. Use your own experience to give your posts a personal touch.

16. How to move a family

Moving a family is always an exciting time. Use real estate blog content to help people going through this life event with real estate tips and tricks for moving families, both big and small, all over the country.

17. Top 5 ways to save money while moving

Writing real estate blog posts about how others can save money can help real estate agents appeal to customers looking to buy real estate while staying on budget. This real estate blog post could feature the top five ways people can save money when moving.

18. Fun day trips for families

This real estate blog post idea can be a real hit with families. Use this post to suggest fun day trips that families can take together in your farm area. Make sure to include your personal experience in these blog posts!

19. Cool new technologies in the real estate industry

Using real estate blog posts to feature remarkable real estate technologies can help Realtors appeal to real estate clients who are technology buffs. This real estate blog post could explain what companies are developing new real estate tools and apps, why they are beneficial, and how they work.

20. The rise of micro-livestock

If you are interested in real estate blog post ideas about real estate investing, real estate agents should check out Realtors who are starting their own micro-livestock businesses to make money. You can write a real estate blog post about the benefits of raising these animals and how new real estate agents can create a real estate plan for their own micro-livestock business.

21. Farm-to-table: the new cornerstone of real estate investing

This real estate blog post is perfect for Realtor who wants to get more people interested in real estate investing with a farm. Discuss how potential buyers can start their own farms, the best business plans for these types of real estate investments, and why they are beneficial.

22. How to choose a home builder

This real estate blog post idea is perfect for Realtors who want to help real estate buyers find the best real estate builders in their farm area. Use this content to explain how agents can choose a real estate builder for themselves or their clients, what questions they should ask real estate builders, and why this is an important step in becoming a homeowner.

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