Real Estate Lead Generation

How to Build Your Real Estate Database

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated March 10, 2023 2 min read

Building your real estate database is the ticket to success if you’re a new agent looking to grow or a seasoned agent looking to freshen up your contact list. While strengthening your database with valuable leads may sound tedious, it’s easier than you think. 

Consider your real estate database the beating heart of your business. This organized structure of real-time information helps you navigate your leads and manage your real estate goals

Without a database of prospective clients, colleagues, and longtime referrals, your real estate business wouldn’t have a pulse. 

As a real estate agent, habitually reviewing, nurturing, and growing your database is crucial to the success of your business. 

How do you build your real estate database? 

There are several ways to build your real estate database. You can tap into your sphere of influence, go on social media, reconnect with old leads, follow up, and spend time networking. 

Use your SOI

Your SOI, or sphere of influence, incorporates nearly everyone you know. An SOI includes friends, family, colleagues, vendors, and more. Leverage your sphere of influence to help build your database. More likely than not, those in your circle know someone interested in buying, selling, or investing in property

Social media

Social media is an excellent tool for finding and nurturing real estate leads. Use social media as your business’s visual storyboard. Post exciting content, new listings, 3D tours, and real estate photos to engage with your followers. 

Additionally, you can find new contacts within social communities like Facebook Groups. Add any leads you generate to your real estate database for safekeeping. 


It’s completely normal to lose touch and let some contacts go cold over the years. If you see low open rates and a lack of engagement with your leads, it’s time to reconnect. You can revitalize old relationships and build new ones with cold leads.

After renewing your connections, add those contacts to your monthly newsletters and email blasts.

Follow up

Avoid the need to reconnect with contacts by quickly following up post-event. Consistently checking in on your new leads helps establish a stronger connection. A well-built database is stacked with warm, nurtured leads. 


Real estate is all about networking. There are plenty of places to network with potential clients and referrals, including community events, parks, open houses, fundraisers, festivals, conventions, and more. 

You should always carry business cards and a charged phone or tablet to take down contact information. After any networking opportunity, immediately add new leads to your real estate database. 

Build your real estate database with Virtuance

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