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5 Affordable Design Ideas To Generate More Interest In Your Property

By Last Updated May 11, 2021 4 min read

Whether you own a vacation home you’re hoping to rent out, or you’re considering putting your property on the market, having an attractive, eye-catching property can make a big difference in how much interest it generates. Size, layout, and style are all important factors, as are amenities, but sometimes having a few attention-grabbing details can excite someone enough to take the next step and come for a viewing.

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Big renovations are one way to get a new look for a home, but they also cost big bucks – not something that everyone can invest in a property they may be looking to rent or sell. The following five projects can add some eye-catching appeal to your property, and they can all be done on even the tightest budgets.

Update Your Backsplash

The kitchen is a focal point in the home, so it’s important to make sure it’s fresh, clean, and free from clutter. backsplash is a truly unique area in the home. It serves one purpose, and that is to inject some style, color, and personality in the space. Backsplashes are fairly easy to change out, and most average around 30sq.ft. in size. This makes them very affordable to tile, even with a more expensive material.

image of kitchen with backsplash

If your kitchen’s on the darker side, invest in some glass tiles, which can reflect light and brighten up the entire space. If it’s a Cottage- or Farmhouse-style kitchen, go for a handmade subway tile. This will have a classic look that attracts most people, and will add character that only handmade tile can bring. If you have a modern home, look for something geometric and 3D to spruce up the look of the space. Expect to spend anywhere from $100 to $1,000 on a backsplash project, depending on the tile material you choose for your backsplash

Add a Wainscot Accent

While wainscoting an entire room can get a little expensive, wainscoting strategic areas of your home can create a wow factor without breaking the bank. Consider wainscoting to shoulder height with some bead board in the entryway area, and installing a row of coat hooks to add a more personal feel. You can also panel the longest wall in a dining room with raised paneling to add some depth and gravity to your interior design. 

With a wainscot accent, you can put the focus of the room on this one section, completely transforming the room’s design within hours. Wainscoting a single wall is also fairly inexpensive, costing around $500 – $750 on average, depending on the type.

Paint Your Front Door

Painting the front door of a home is an instant pick-me-up for the entire facade, and really improves your curb appeal. The front door is a perfect spot to go trendy with color and do something eye-catching, since it’s a quick and easy thing to update as trends change, and it’s often a recommended improvement by Realtors.

house with a teal front door

Make sure you go with a minimum of two coats of paint, and consider going with something that has a sheen or gloss, so the color really stands out and shines for passersby. Painting a door costs only about $125 – $150 on average, so this is a fairly inexpensive project.

Update the Fireplace Mantel

Fireplaces are the most frequently viewed space in a room because they create a natural focal point. And the most important piece of creating that focal point is the mantel. The mantel is where personalization and decoration can occur, so it’s often where people look first. 

living room with fireplace mantle

Consider replacing a small or thin mantel with a more decorative or substantial upgrade. Reclaimed wood is a popular material for mantels right now, and can add some history and interest to a room. Updating the mantel usually costs between $100 and $500 on average.

Add an Accent Light

If you need a way to dress up a foyer, dining room, or an area above a peninsula or island in the kitchen, consider investing in an accent light. A trendy, hanging light that’s big enough to catch the eye can really transform the look of a space, while also adding some very necessary light to an area. Foyers and kitchens in particular are often in need of extra light, so adding an accent to one of these areas is a great idea.

dining room with candle pendant light

Accent lights can range in cost from $50 – $500, and can add immediate interest and focus to a space. 

Capture People’s Interest

Without a full renovation there are still plenty of ways to get people’s attention in your home. The key is to focus on small accent areas that can make a big difference. These areas allow you to change the style of your home, whether you pursue bigger remodel projects or let them stand strong on their own. Start with these five affordable design ideas, and make sure to photograph them well using high-quality real estate photography. Interest in your property will grow instantly!