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What Every Real Estate Pre-listing Package Needs

By Gretchen Gales Last Updated March 29, 2023 3 min read

Realtor pre-listing packages are your ticket to distributing valuable information about your services in a pinch. They’re perfect for reaching out to many potential clients at once or targeting clients you’d really like to work with. 

If you’re looking to work with more clients trying to sell their homes, a real estate pre-listing package is your ticket to converting clients. In this blog, you’ll learn how to assemble the perfect pre-listing packet. 

What is a real estate pre-listing package?

Pre-listing packages are documents you send clients to have them consider working with you when they list their homes. It’s meant to establish you as a real estate professional with the knowledge and expertise to do the job right.  

Pre-listing packages should include information about the current market (and how you know how to navigate it) and education about how to sell a home, making any pre-listing meetings easier. You can also include your selling strategy and demonstrate your marketing abilities

Why are pre-listing packages important? 

Why recreate a pitch whenever you’re interested in working with a client? In a pre-listing package, clients can have their top questions answered about your services without you lifting a finger! Pre-listing packages are essential to converting clients and getting the listings YOU want to work with.  

What every real estate pre-listing package should include

A complete listing packet should contain everything clients want and things they didn’t know they needed. Yours should include the following:  


An introduction should give your background as a real estate professional. Where have you worked? What are your specialties? Even throw in some of your favorite hobbies to demonstrate what you do in your free time for something relatable and to find something in common with your clients. 

If you work with a team or brokerage, give background about its history and who else they may be working with if they choose you. 

Want to take it up a notch? Customize it specifically for the client you hope to work with. This shows you take their project seriously and are willing to go the extra mile to make their experience great. 


This should expand on what you’ve mentioned in your introduction letter. Include a photo of yourself and your more extensive real estate history. You don’t need to stuff it with everything you’ve ever done in your work history—simply stick to the most notable things you’ve done in your real estate career.  

Information about the local market

You’re a real estate professional, so prove it! Include statistics and information about the local housing market that only you could know. Translate info into helpful infographics and simple words to help clients understand what’s happening. Customize the package for a specific client to include how their home may perform in the market for an extra touch. 

You should also include the average time your listings spend on the market compared to other listings, especially if there is an impressive turnaround time. Same with the median selling price and other eye-catching factors. 

Any resources for home sellers

Especially for those who have never listed their home on the market, make certain there is accessible information about how the home selling process works. Start with FAQs and flow charts and add more information you’re frequently asked to explain in future editions of your pre-listing package. 

General marketing strategy

Clients want to know what they’re getting when listing with you. How do you approach social media? Do you reach out to other agents? Do you host open houses? What makes you stand out from other agents when promoting listings? 

Include screenshots of recent and overall best social media posts and their engagement, including beautiful Instagram templates, Facebook posts, and even links to TikToks.  


Have clients who loved your services in the past? That’s something worth including in your pre-listing package. Ask past clients to give a testimonial and put in details that give it a personal touch. Great client testimonials boost confidence in people looking into using your services. 

Contact information 

No matter how memorable you are, readily available contact information is a must-have for clients. That way, if they take some time before putting their home on the market, they can easily find out how to contact you quickly. 

How real estate photography can enhance your pre-listing package

What are people most drawn to in real estate? The photographs, of course! Photos are the best way to catch the eye of and impress potential clients, from pre-listing package examples to the real deal. Virtuance offers customizable professional real estate photography packages to meet your needs. From drone photography to virtual open houses, there’s something for every listing.