Tools of Real Estate Titans – Section 1: Marketing Tools

Learn the tools, books, and strategies used by top real estate professionals from across the country

We asked hundreds of real estate professionals about their habits, marketing strategies, and tools they use to be successful both professionally and personally. This content is a summary of those responses.

Marketing Tools


There’s no question that professional photography continues to be the #1 marketing tool used by top real estate agents. 86% of respondents said they currently use pro images in their marketing stack. Not only is professional photography cost-effective, but it is also the most critical element for all other marketing material and is proven to result in more showings, more offers, and higher sale prices.

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Although Virtual Reality and 3D tours are still popular buzzwords in the industry, the fact is that many professionals are not using this technology. The high cost, required time on site, and lack of strong ROI make 3D walkthroughs a niche feature that is best reserved for luxury listings.

There are not many tools that the majority of marketing professionals are looking to add. However virtual staging is starting to become a very hot tool used by agents looking to make their listing stand out. Search ads and 3D Walkthroughs round out the top 3, however, unless the price and time commitment decrease for these tools, adoption rates will continue to be low based on the feedback we received.


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61% of respondents said that increasing referrals was the #1 marketing tool they
wanted to know more about. With referrals still being the most crucial lead generation tool for agents, it is critical you are not putting your efforts on autopilot; a quarterly postcard doesn’t cut it: sorry folks!

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To increase referrals, you need to provide value to your previous clients and be proactive with showing them that you appreciate their business. Host events, send handwritten notes or provide a tool like Homebot to offer them ongoing content that is important to them.

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Your listing presentation can make or break your chance of winning the listing. Make sure you’re adding this content to your presentations and presenting with your best foot forward. Showcasing your professional photography throughout the presentation should be your #1 priority as humans are visual thinkers and it will reinforce the fact that you are a professional and want to ensure their home is marketed with the highest quality tools.

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