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6 Tips For Selling Your Home in Fall 2020

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated October 28, 2020 4 min read

Autumn is always a popular time for real estate. As temperatures begin to drop, the market seems to heat up! While competition may increase during this season, fall is still a great time to consider selling your house

There are several reasons why homeowners choose fall to list their property. Most families are back from summer vacations, and kids have returned to school. Even with the holidays approaching, fall provides a nice lull in activity for families. 

If you’re ready to list your home or already have your home listed, take a look at these six tips below for selling your home this fall: 

Tip 1: Add touches of autumn to your front porch

Mother Nature already does an incredible job of adding beautiful curb appeal this time of year. With the leaves changing into brilliant shades of yellows, reds, and oranges, there’s not much more you need to do to prepare your yard. 

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Consider elevating the fall time vibes with an Autumn wreath on the front door. You can also add some pumpkins and gourds, but watch out for pesky squirrels looking to fatten up before winter. To take your outdoor fall decor even further, place some potted fall flowers on your front steps. 

As the leaves begin to fall, you may want to tidy up your yard with a rake. 

Tip 2: Clean the windows

You may not have noticed, but the windows on your home get pretty dirty from those long, hot summer months. Your windows are protecting you against several elements, from pollen to dust to heavy rain. 

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When you list your home, you want your windows to sparkle! If you are listing a one-story house, you can probably clean the windows yourself. For two-story houses or larger, consider hiring a professional window cleaner

Tip 3: Change the lights

Fall time evokes warmth and coziness for many people. You can enhance this feeling by creating a peaceful ambiance in your home. If the lightbulbs in your home are on the whiter side, switch them out for a warmer hue. This simple change can inspire a more hygge-like atmosphere for your upcoming showings and open house. 

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Another interior light option, which could add also add value, is to install dimmer switches. A dimmer switch will allow you to choose your lights’ brightness and help you set them correctly for showings no matter the time of day. 

Tip 4: Set the dining table

There is no better way to help buyers visualize a holiday in their future home than by setting it out for them. Go ahead and set up your dining room as if you are about to host Thanksgiving. You can include fall staples, like a festive table runner, decorative pumpkins, pinecones, and dried spices. 

Not only will a staged Thanksgiving dining table appeal to buyers at showings, but it will also look incredible in real estate photos. 

Tip 5: Hire a photographer when fall colors peak

If you can time it right, schedule the listing photoshoot with your professional real estate photographer when you know the fall colors are at their peak. This strategy will help you stand out online among the likely hundreds of active real estate listings. Additionally, some real estate photography providers offer marketing enhancements like Blue Sky Guarantee. With fall being a gloomier time in general, this option reassures you that your exterior images will pop. 

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Your real estate agent probably has a preferred real estate photographer to hire as part of their marketing strategy. If not, you can find one on your own, and then either request that your agent hire them, or you can hire them yourself! 

Tip 6: Create a fall-themed open house

Similar to enhancing your listing with warmer lights and autumn curb appeal, creating a more festive open house can impress potential buyers. 

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To create a fall-themed open house, appeal to the five senses. For smell, you can add fall time aromas like cinnamon, clove, and vanilla with scented wax melts and a warmer. For taste, offer favorite fall drinks like warm apple cider and a hot chocolate bar. For hearing, hook up a Google Home or speaker and play soft, inviting piano music.