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Top Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas 2019

By Lindsay Davis Last Updated November 11, 2019 5 min read

Source: FitsSmallBusiness | By Kiah Treece on July 23, 2019

With marketing becoming more complex, it can be confusing for real estate agents to maximize lead generation and get real estate leads that convert. To help, we compiled the top 43 real estate lead generation ideas using social media, software, and more. This ensures your hard-earned marketing dollars get the best return on investment (ROI).

Here are the top 43 real estate lead generation ideas from the pros.

1. Generate Hot Leads Using Zillow

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 90% of homebuyers use the internet to house hunt. With an average of 195 million visitors per month, Zillow is the largest real estate website and the best place to establish your real estate business online.

If you’re already on Zillow and want to get even more leads, try Zillow Premier Agent, Zillow’s advertising platform that lets you advertise on local Zillow and Trulia listings. We estimate that for every $1 you spend, you’ll earn $2.60 in commissions. Click here to find rates in your area.

2. Close More Leads With Conversion Training

Buying real estate leads often means getting a spreadsheet of contact information and being left to figure it out all on your own. In addition to offering exclusive seller leads so that only one agent (you) gets leads from a single ZIP code, BoldLeads provides training videos and weekly webinars to help you nurture and close those leads. Click here to claim your ZIP code.

3. Follow Up With Luxury Open House Visitors

Tim Allen, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

I like to engage visitors strategically during my open house. Rather than pressure them with a sign-in sheet—I work in a luxury market, so this is not the best approach—I ask where they’re from. If they are local, I need a first name and a street they live on—like, “I’m Jan, I live over on San Antonio Avenue”—and I can use the free tax database to reverse prospect and find their address and tax billing address.

A simple thank you card sent to them with my business card in there is a good way to let your visitors know that you are not only a good listener but are also tech-savvy, which is a growing need for real estate agents.

4. Provide Personalized Service

Audrey Darby, Founder & CEO, Match Me With an Agent

It may sound like a contradiction, but my real estate experience has taught me that if you want to get big, you have to get small and get personal. Many top agents typically concentrate on a database of fewer than 200 clients and give these clients extraordinary personalized service, items of value, and inclusion in all things real estate related. The most important thing is to be “top of mind” as the go-to real estate agent for these elite few and consistently ask for the compliment of a referral with every interaction. This approach gives the opportunity to build a solid and loyal clientele typically resulting in the warmest new leads.

5. Hold an All-day Open House

Chris Stapleton, Sales Representative, Blue Elephant Realty Inc.

Find a colleague with a centrally located listing―or one in an area with decent foot traffic―and ask if you can host an “all-day open house.” Put up a few open house sandwich boards in the area and work from a nearby coffee shop. Anytime someone walks by and calls the number, tell them you’ll be there in five minutes to give them access. You get buyer leads and the listing agent benefits from more foot traffic and potential offers.

6. Send Handwritten Notes to Your Leads

Gina Castrorao, Realtor, Triplemint

Handwritten notes are a way of continuing communication targeted to people in your network who are going through life changes: relationship status changes, children, promotions, career changes, relocation, and so on. These are all reasons to change your living situation and easy to find out about. In the handwritten notes, I often ask people to get a cup of coffee or chat on the phone because I want to catch up and chat about their life, but it is also an avenue to mention real estate and generate leads.

They can be people you haven’t talked to in years and want to meet for a friendly catch-up session. For example, I sent a handwritten note to a woman that I went to high school with because I saw she got a promotion. We ended up meeting for coffee and chatting about life for an hour, which resulted in a later conversation about her looking to buy an apartment in the near future.

7. Offer ‘Freebies’ in Exchange for Contact Information

Christina Daves, PR for Anyone

My favorite lead generation tool for real estate agents is offering a “freebie” in exchange for a name and email address. It starts with a unique domain that is easy to remember such as freegiftfromname.com. It shouldn’t be on the main page of their website because people become distracted. When they go to the page, all they should be able to do is learn about the free offer and enter their name and email address. Everything is set up in an automated funnel in their CRM that sends the gift immediately.

Agents should offer something in their niche. We have done Tax Loopholes for First-time Homebuyers (by a new agent who was a CPA for 25 years), a listing of favorite shops and restaurants in a certain area, unique things to do in a community, and many others. It can be an infographic, PDF, video, or anything that provides value to that user in exchange for their information.

8. Contact Expired Listings

Phil Gerdes, Agent, Christie’s International

My go-to lead source is to contact expired and withdrawn listings as well as for sale by owner (FSBO) listings. Some agents frown on making these calls. Others are just too scared to dial. We dominate this lead source and can attribute much of our success this year to it. I do get yelled at—a lot. I do get hung up on, but the key is to understand the potential client’s disappointment and match it with the same level of intensity, be it low or high, but with recordable, proven solutions. In my market, the average days on the market for a closed transaction is 52 while mine is 18.

9. Use Yelp to Increase Visibility

Jacob Landis-Eigsti, Owner, Jacob LE Video Production

Yelp is a great resource for agents. Yelp listings rank well in Google and Yelp itself is a search engine. Creating a Yelp page, receiving at least three reviews, and taking advantage of the free yelp ads is one of the fastest ways to acquire new leads and customers.

10. Become Your Neighborhood’s Real Estate Expert

One of the best ways to optimize your real estate lead generation strategy is to show potential clients that you’re an expert in the local real estate market. Parkbench can help you build your reputation as a local real estate expert by providing a community website and hyperlocal content, including deals, news, events, and stories. Click here to learn more about how the platform can help you and your team.

11. Tap Your Spheres of Influence

Matthew Kammeyer, Broker, CCIM, Five Star Property Management

Hands down, our best source of sales clients come from our sphere of influence (SOI). The people who know, like, and trust us are the ones most likely to refer us. I found that my job is to be at the top of their mind. The nice part of this is that I get to interact and do nice things for my friends, family, and associates.

Providing gifts, running a charity gift drive, offering help in areas outside of real estate, or being the source of the source has done wonders for my business. Also, when someone does refer you, be sure to thank them. You want to reward good behavior like referrals. Don’t be focused on the closings. Instead, be aware of and thankful for the initial introduction. Then, keep your referral partners updated and do a great job so that they look good.

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