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4 Reasons Real Estate Agents Use Professional Photography

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated February 23, 2023 3 min read

If you ask a successful real estate agent for advice on how to sell a listing, they will all tell you the same things: have a marketing plan, share with your network, and use professional photography.

Real estate agents look to the experts for their listing photography needs because professional real estate photography helps sell a home faster and for more money. Not only that, but professional photography also helps build a strong brand for the agent.


Successful real estate agents know that using professional photography is a crucial part of their success. Here are the 4 reasons why real estate agents use professional photography

1.  To capture attention online 

Experienced listing agents know that the first place home buyers search for listings is online. In fact, over 90% of buyers go online before scheduling a showing. This is why it is so important to stand out on the local MLS as well as on third party listing sites. 

To test this theory, Virtuance hired an eye-tracking company to better understand the psychology of homebuyers. The study found that two-thirds of participants preferred Virtuance’s real estate images to competitors.

eyetracking study

Real estate agents choose leading professional photographers for their real estate photography because professional images capture attention faster and hold attention longer than comparable, less professional images. 

2.  To sell their listings faster and for more money

Real estate photography shot professionally captures more attention, which results in more showings. Successful real agents know how important it is to generate a large amount of traffic to a listing once it’s live on the MLS. When listings generate a lot of showings and interest in a small amount of time, third party websites highlight these listings as “hot homes.” 

real estate image of living room

Listings that have a significant amount of interest create a sense of urgency, bring in multiple offers and more often than not, sell for more money. Real estate agents become top listing agents when they close listings fast and make their sellers happy. 

3.  To win more listings

Success as a real estate listing agent creates an exciting snowball effect. A real estate agent’s listing, which had professional photography, quickly captures attention, sells fast, and closes for more money than expected. The agent wins another listing and markets it in the same way they did the one before. More success. Soon, they have a number of listings under their belt and find that it becomes easier to win future listings.

4. To build a strong real estate brand

Successful real estate agents know how important a strong brand is. To most, it’s everything. Building a strong brand at the beginning of a real estate career sounds daunting, but when an agent implements the right strategies, the brand awareness falls into place.

real estate photographer in living room with tripod wearing a red shirt.

One way successful real estate agents build a strong brand is by using real estate photography for every single listing. Better yet, they typically use the same real estate photographer or real estate photography company. This marketing strategy not only guarantees that their listings stand out online, but that all of their listings have consistency. 

When building a real estate brand, professionalism and consistency is key.

Use Virtuance as your professional real estate photography solution

Real estate agents understand the importance of marketing their listings and their brand through real estate photography. Using professional real estate photography helps realtors capture attention online, sell listings faster/for more money, win more listings, and build their real estate brand.

Virtuance not only offers professional real estate photography, floor plans, 3D tours, and more, but every order comes with access to our Marketing Suite to make your listings shine.