Real Estate Marketing Ideas

6 Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas

By Carolyn Vento Last Updated February 28, 2023 3 min read

Tried-and-true real estate agent marketing ideas may be easy-to-use and successful, but they won’t help you stand out. To really differentiate yourself, consider innovative strategies that give you an edge over other real estate professionals. 

Social media posts, virtual tours, and email marketing are known to build brands, but these are just a small percentage of the strategies you can use. Finding new ways to engage potential customers with unique real estate marketing ideas will increase your leads and revenue. 

6 Unique real estate marketing ideas

You must stand out from your competition to succeed in a changing market. Attracting and retaining clients takes more effort and thought, along with unique marketing ideas. We’re here to help you get started with these six creative marketing ideas for realtors.

1. Non-traditional business cards

An eye-catching business card shows that you will go the extra mile. For example, a card made of plastic instead of paper will be more memorable.

Experiment with making interactive cards, such as plantable ones made out of seed paper or edible ones made from cookies. Host workshops and make sure to leave your business cards with potential customers.

2. Real estate swag

Swag, or free items a business gives customers, is very trendy—probably because everyone loves free things!

Order t-shirts, keychains, mugs, or pens with your business’s logo and/or contact info. Have them handy to give out at local events and open houses.

3. Infographics

Infographics are an idea using images and charts with very little text. People like viewing the data this way because it communicates information quickly and efficiently.

Use a tool such as Canva to illustrate market news or create a checklist for your home sellers. Creating valuable content that engages your audience is a great way to connect with potential leads, and it’s far more interesting than a traditional ad or pitch. 

4. Real estate quizzes

Publish a quiz about real estate topics on your website or social media accounts to engage your clients. If you want to target your local area, create questions about historic homes and famous people in the area.

Have people guess about current real estate statistics like the percentage of homebuyers looking for homes online or using drone photography to sell homes. You can even offer prizes, such as a CMA for a prospective client or gift cards. 

5. Complimentary moving trucks

When your clients buy a home, you could offer a moving truck on you! This gift will be a great surprise to them and will likely increase your referrals.

You can even invest in your own truck and put your logo on the side, which will be additional advertising for your company around town. While this strategy has an upfront cost, the additional business you bring in will offset it in the long run!

6. Webinars

Show that you have authority by hosting a webinar where you share valuable content, such as a first-time home buyers information session or insight into your local housing market. You can do a live version and then have it available on demand. 

A great way to generate leads is by having a form for people to sign up for or download the webinar. From there, you have a list of potential leads interested in learning more from (and about) you! 

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