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How to Automate Your Real Estate Business to Close More Deals

By Alexandra Carver Last Updated October 26, 2022 3 min read

 Staying organized and on top of your daily and weekly tasks can often feel challenging when juggling multiple listings and clients. Want to work smarter and not harder to elevate your business and close more deals? Real estate automation is the key!

What is real estate automation, and how can you effectively utilize this concept to grow your business and close more deals? Read on to learn more about real estate automation and how it can help shift your focus from tedious tasks to your bigger business goals.

What is real estate automation?

Real estate automation helps you consolidate your daily tasks.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your marketing efforts, lead management, or even track transactions, there’s a tool or software for you! 

That said, real estate automation isn’t about letting machines run your business. Its sole purpose is to make your work easier, more efficient, and less tedious.

How can you automate real estate?

You’d be surprised at how much you can automate within your real estate business.

For example, website forms for lead generation, text blasts, and email drips are all common automation tasks. You can even automate direct mail! 

The possibilities are endless with the correct tools, allowing you to automate as much (or as little) of your business as you want.

Easy ways to automate your real estate business

Now that you know what real estate automation is, you’re likely wondering where to start. We’ve compiled four easy ways to automate your real estate business, saving you time and increasing your productivity. 

Social media

Automating your social media can save time and energy when working to build your brand and online presence.

Actively sharing your listings via Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn is an excellent way to reach potential or previous clients. Avoid repeatedly copying and pasting captions and posts by using tools that automatically share your posts across different platforms.

Your tired hands will thank us later!

Marketing and lead generation

If you’re a seasoned professional, you’ve likely used marketing strategies such as text message marketing, email drips, and direct mail.

While these are beneficial, automation can save you valuable time when you’ve got a long list of leads to contact!

Using tools to schedule text blasts, emails, or bi-weekly or monthly postcards can help get the word out to your contacts quickly and efficiently.

Scheduling appointments

When your days are full of callbacks, emails, and a mountain of paperwork, you can quickly lose track of time and let an important meeting or showing slip your mind.

You can use automation to schedule appointments, send confirmations to clients, and remind you that an appointment is fast approaching.

Blog posts

Utilizing a blog to elevate your web presence is a smart way to reach potential clients while positioning yourself as an expert.

Once you’ve taken the time to write up quality, SEO keyword-enriched material, you can schedule blog posts to publish automatically. 

While blogging is a commitment, automating a regular publishing schedule can help secure leads and convert them to clients!

How Virtuance elevates your real estate automation

Beyond providing high-quality real estate photography for your listing, Virtuance offers marketing enhancements that take our HDReal® images and push them out to your social media—with hardly any effort—meaning you have more time to show off your listings and close deals.


Automating your real estate business allows you to work smarter, not harder. You can focus less on tedious tasks and more on your goals, lead generation, and closing deals.

Absolutely! Direct mailers can easily be automated and sent out on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis using various web services.

Direct mail can really stand out in a digital world, so these services are worth looking into automating for lead generation and marketing.