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3 Reasons Your Brokerage Should Partner With a Real Estate Photography Provider

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated May 11, 2021 3 min read

If you’re an active real estate agent, you probably spent time selecting the right real estate brokerage to work under. A great brokerage will offer you a number of benefits for being on their team. These benefits can include generous commission splits, a successful business model, a great brand image, and more. 

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A number of brokerages also offer extra benefits that help their agents successfully sell listings. These perks include marketing resources, training modules, and real estate photography for every listing. That’s right – your brokerage can pay for your listing’s professional real estate photography

If your brokerage is not working with a real estate photography provider, consider showing them why a partnership like this can benefit them as well as their agents. 

Here are 3 reasons why your brokerage should partner with a real estate photography provider: 

To create brand consistency across all agents

When a brokerage uses the same professional real estate photographer or photography provider for all of their agents’ listings, it establishes a consistent and professional brand image. 

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Homebuyers and sellers as well as other agents and brokerages can easily identify a successful brokerage that uses the same marketing and professional listing image quality across all of their listings. 

To lower agent turnover by providing valuable marketing solutions

Brokerages that offer marketing tools to help their agents succeed will see a lower turnover among their agents. 

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When Realtors have trust and confidence in their brokerage, and see that their listings sell faster and for more money than their competitors’, they likely have no plans on switching brokerages. 

To increase listing pool under brokerage

An agent who uses professional real estate photography for their listings will build a strong real estate portfolio of listings that typically: generate more traffic, have more showings, sell faster, and sell for more money. 

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This is why it’s beneficial for a brokerage to partner with a real estate photography provider. By providing visual marketing solutions to their agents, a brokerage will see an increase in new listings for their agents. 

When are brokerage partners with a real estate photography provider, they see a number of benefits for their company as well as the agents who work within the brokerage. A real estate photography partnership can help a brokerage create a stronger brand image, decrease agent turnover, and increase the number of listings their brokerage has at one time.