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How to Build a Real Estate Website

By Alexandra Carver Last Updated January 24, 2023 3 min read

Building a real estate website is more important than ever in our digital era. Prospective clients are looking for faster and more convenient services online on their own time.

How can you successfully build an easy-to-use and professional website to help attract and convert more leads? Keep reading to learn why you should create a real estate website and what you can do to make it a lucrative and successful endeavor.

Why create a real estate website?

The internet has been a dominant force for decades now—and only continues to grow stronger. In our current digital climate, a real estate website is a must-have and can offer many benefits for your real estate brand. If you want to reach more people and open the doors to a broader audience, your best bet is to get in on this marketing phenomenon for yourself. 

You’ll attract more customers

One benefit of creating a real estate website is that it can help you reach various potential buyers. If you’re solely relying on print advertising to target your market, you’re missing out on a lucrative space in the real estate sphere! Most home buyers browse through properties online first instead of visiting in person, so adapting your marketing approach through a website will satisfy the needs of potential clients both near and far.

It’s convenient and saves time

In our fast-paced world, who isn’t looking to save some time? No need to meet in person or waste time in traffic with the perfect real estate website! If your site offers a complete picture of what a property is all about, you’ll win clients over without much physical effort.

What makes a successful real estate website?

Now that you understand why you should create a real estate website, what can you do to make it successful? If you want to drive web traffic and attract more leads, follow these essential tips:

Quick and easy to search through

No one wants to navigate through a clunky webpage looking for what they need. If you’re going to keep your visitors happy, you’ll need to ensure that your site is UX-friendly. This ensures visitors can find what they need easily.

Feature filters in your search parameters such as price, home type, square feet, or year built. It’s also a good idea to allow visitors to save search settings and listings they’re interested in, increasing the chances they’ll visit your site multiple times.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (or SEO) can be tricky to navigate. You need to ensure that your site will beat your competitors for the best search engine rankings—and a free website builder just won’t cut it. Do some research on SEO tactics or hire an expert to help you push your page to the front of the pack, and you’ll see the web traffic you’ve been dreaming of generating!

Elevated property pages with real estate photos

If you want to sell and sell quickly, offer up visuals of a property outside the ordinary. The best way to do this is to use high-quality real estate photography services to capture the perfect photos! You should also consider 360° photography for both the interior and exterior of a property and aerial photography to give your leads a bird’s eye view from above. 

About us and team biographies

Offering up an about us page or team biographies on your website serves a more critical purpose than you might initially think. You’ve got an avenue to share your story and your “why” behind your real estate business; this information can help you build a relationship with your potential clients immediately. 

Team bios are also important, as they can help each agent on your team personalize their connection to the real estate sphere. They also allow your team members to connect personally with buyers and sellers. Again, connecting with your potential clients is paramount in the real estate industry—so get ahead and start connecting sooner rather than later!

Let Virtuance make your website shine

If you’re looking to up your digital marketing game with a unique, well-built website, let Virtuance help. We can help you elevate your property listings with professional real estate photography, aerial photography, and 3D tours. Let us help attract and keep the attention of potential clients through a visually appealing website. You’ll find yourself converting more leads than ever before!


If you understand what makes a real estate website successful, you’ll have an easy time creating it. Utilize SEO tactics to bring you to the top of search engine results, make it visually appealing, and ensure that your website is easy to navigate and UX-friendly. You’ll be pleased with the results if you research and implement these key features!

A real estate website should have expertise while connecting with current and potential clients. If you work hard to ensure that you’re implementing strategies that the best real estate websites use regularly, you’ll find your website—and real estate business—thriving!