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What Is a Lead Sheet in Real Estate?

By Carolyn Vento Last Updated November 17, 2022 3 min read

Preparation is key to converting more real estate listing appointments and closing more deals. 

By creating a questionnaire, known as a real estate lead sheet, you can easily take control of a conversation by having all questions listed on the sheet. Whether you create a buyer or seller lead sheet, you can easily show your expertise and instill trust in your clients.

What is a lead sheet in real estate?

In real estate, a lead sheet is a list of questions and information used to understand buyers’ or sellers’ needs to convert them. The sheet helps you remember specific information about clients and properties while on a phone call. 

In addition to contact information, there should be questions about when they want to buy or sell, where they want to move to, and more. Through these questions, clients will come to realizations such as time or monetary constraints that may affect their decisions.

Why should real estate agents use lead sheets for lead generation?

Lead sheets are essential for lead generation because they help guide agents with questions to ask potential buyers or sellers. The sheets keep agents organized and the conversation going with a constant flow of questions. 

Open-ended questions will allow clients to voice their concerns. When the clients answer the questions, they’ll often feel a sense of urgency and be motivated to take the next steps in the buyer or seller journey. They will also feel authentically connected to you as you show a genuine interest in them.

When should real estate lead sheets be used?

Agents should use lead sheets as a guide as they speak on the phone with prospective buyers or sellers before meeting with them in person. The questions asked will take the person on a path of self-discovery as they think about their real estate wants and needs.

Types of lead sheets in real estate

There are specific lead sheet types geared toward both buyers and sellers that will help you generate more real estate leads.

Buyer lead 

Questions on a buyer lead sheet should be designed to motivate buyers to look at houses and narrow down preferences. These questions will help you avoid or handle buyer objections later. Make sure to include questions that give insight into where you stand with the client. Here are some examples of questions you can ask:

To create a sense of urgency, ask:

Is there a date you want or need to move by?

To assess your competition, ask:

Have you been working with other real estate agents? 

To narrow down options based on price, ask:

What is your price range for buying a new home? 

To successfully set up a consultation, ask:

Is there anyone else involved with your buying decision?

Seller lead sheet

Questions on a seller lead sheet should be created with the seller’s needs in mind. Use the questions to gain information about a potential seller’s timeline for selling and expectations on pricing. We’ve gathered a few questions you can use on your lead sheet:

To estimate the value of the home, ask:

Have you made any improvements to the home, such as a finished basement or a remodeled kitchen?

To set a price range, ask:

Is there a price you would like to sell your home for?

To find out the condition of the home, ask:

What do you still need to do to get the home ready for selling?

To secure your commission, ask:

Have you ever thought about selling the home yourself?

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Yes! Lead sheets can be geared toward buyers or sellers. Both sheets will generate information about your clients and motivate them to move further in the buying or selling process.

Very! Most successful real estate agents use lead sheets to keep them focused on certain questions when speaking with potential clients and working on real estate lead generation.