Real Estate Marketing Ideas

30 Ways to Reach Millennial Homebuyers Online

By Lindsay Goebel Last Updated November 9, 2021 2 min read

As 2021 is nearing, it’s time to start generating and converting valuable leads. You may have the urge to send your lead magnet content out at random, hoping something sticks, but there’s better ways to convert. It’s important to create a marketing campaign that is quantifiable and has a targeted audience. A sense of direction is necessary for converting leads.

Granny suite with Murphy bed

We’ve known for awhile that more than one-third of home buyers are millennials. We also know that millennials pretty much keep social networks and other online forums in business. If you’re looking to reach millennial homebuyers, you’ll want to create a strong online marketing campaign.

Below is a list of ways to reach those millennial homebuyers online:

  1. Post regularly to social media
  2. Use relevant hashtags
  3. Create graphics for posts using
  4. Post to forums like Reddit and Quora
  5. Promote listings with sponsored ads on Facebook
  6. Design home buying checklists as lead magnets
  7. Do live showings on Facebook Live
  8. Host a mini house buying class on Instagram Stories
  9. Engage in Facebook Groups
  10. Write content and post on Medium
  11. Share your listings as a Single Listing Website on Social
  12. Host a social media giveaway
  13. Attract remote buyers with a Matterport 3D Tour
  14. Post 360-degree panoramas of your listings on social
  15. Write a better listing description
  16. Use a professional real estate photographer for your listings
  17. Write about the hip areas and restaurants in your farm
  18. Host a Facebook Live Q&A Session
  19. Offer free online consultations to first time home buyers
  20. Create “day in the life” content
  21. Reshare engaging content on social media
  22. Actively engage with your followers
  23. Create a monthly or quarterly email newsletter
  24. Post social proof and case studies
  25. Design a Google Review campaign
  26. Host a webinar on the home buying process
  27. Connect with young professionals on LinkedIn
  28. Actively engage on community Facebook Groups
  29. Host a Virtual Open House
  30. Promote vendors in your sphere

The list above are just a few of the many ways you can reach and connect with millennial home buyers online. Remember to stay creative and agile – and always follow-up!