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How to Host a Webinar to Increase Your Sphere of Influence

By Staff Writer Last Updated April 1, 2022 3 min read

The perfect real estate webinar or virtual conference is an undoubtedly effective way to grow your audience and generate valuable leads

About 58% of all B2B marketers utilize this engaging content marketing strategy because webinars are inexpensive and easy to create and distribute. 

Real estate agents can take advantage of webinars to increase their sphere of influence. Below, we explain how to create a real estate webinar to earn more referrals, enhance your brand awareness, and increase the understanding of your service while engaging your audience.   

Creating a Topic

Your real estate webinar topic should be exciting yet beneficial to your target audience. When deciding on a webinar topic, choose educational themes that your potential clients find interesting. 

To find great topic ideas, dive into your database first. Dig through any questions potential clients asked you through email forms or DMs on social media. For example, if you find that several followers asked you about the home selling process, consider turning that question into a webinar topic! 

Ensure that your webinar educates buyers or sellers about one specific topic to keep it laser-focused. That way, you can create several shorter webinars. Audiences are more engaged for webinars kept under thirty minutes long, anyways. 

Selecting Webinar Speakers

Find knowledgeable and skilled real estate experts to host your real estate webinar. The right speaker should speak authoritatively about the topic at hand, such as ‘A Guide to Home Selling‘ or ‘5 Tips on Buying a Home’. 

The selected speaker should have significant experience on the topic and should be comfortable talking on-camera, too. That way, they can candidly speak to your virtual attendees. 

You can find speakers through your brokerage, your network on LinkedIn, or other social media channels like Instagram and TikTok

Choosing the Right Webinar Format

The availability of qualified experts and the complexity of your chosen topic are significant factors affecting your preferred format. So, consider those circumstances before formatting your webinar. Take time to learn about currently trending webinar formats and choose a suitable layout for your topic. 

Contemplate the following questions when formatting your webinar: Will your webinar be a panel discussion with numerous guests and a moderator, will it be an interview Q&A-style webinar with two speakers, or will you be the sole presenter at your webinar? 

Here are a few impactful webinar formats to get you started. 

Promoting Your Webinar

How will potential clients know about your webinar? A webinar that offers unique content with well-versed speakers is not enough to make it successful. You need to spread the word to your target audience.

Publicizing your upcoming webinar is a crucial step, and you can do this in several ways. Consider co-marketing opportunities with trusted business associates to promote your webinar. You can also use social media for marketing the webinar to a target audience. 

Additionally, you can go the tried and true route of emailing existing customers with an invite link to sign up. Lastly, you can pay to promote your webinar on different websites and social media channels. 

Creating the Script

Create an engaging script that incorporates well into your webinar’s slide deck. Boring webinars tend to be ones that presenters don’t think about effectively engaging their virtual attendees. Often, they only read from a series of monotonous PowerPoint slides. Don’t let this be you! 

Ensure that you and your speakers create an engaging script to grab your viewers’ attention from the start and holds it to the very end. Then, ensure that your slides strengthen and emphasize the things you say in your script.

Additionally, use beautiful visuals to keep your audience interested. You can use professional real estate images of your listings. Your aesthetically pleasing slides should contain as much evidence, data, and related visuals as possible. For help on creating a beautiful webinar, try using Canva.


Creating the perfect real estate webinar may seem challenging. When you follow the steps above, you’ll be well on your way to making a webinar that wows your audience and generates valuable leads.