The top 8 interior design kitchen trends

Kitchens are one of, if not, the most marketable space in your home. They are also typically the first room to get renovated. We compiled a list of what we believe are the top 8 kitchen trends you should expect to see this year.

Our data was gathered through thorough research and our own experience as a real estate photography company, shooting over 1,000 kitchens a week.

Let’s get to it!

White Out Kitchens

Beautiful, clean, and soft. All white kitchens continue to trend year after year, and it’s no surprise that white is the predominant color for backsplashes, countertops and wall finishes.

“A white kitchen will always be classic and never go out of style,” Devon Tobin, Co-Founder of Duet Design Group told us. “Unfortunately, while we love colored cabinets (i.e. emerald green, navy blue, etc.) it will eventually date itself and the desire to replace will occur.”


Natural light plays well with white kitchens. As sunlight streams in through nearby windows and bounces around all white surfaces, a bright, pure space is the result.


White kitchens create a feeling of vastness. This design feature can really open up a space when bright white counters and cabinets are paired with walls to match.


Waterfall Islands

Possibly our favorite design trend for 2018 is the sophisticated waterfall island. This eye-catching focal point is all about aesthetics.



The seamlessness of natural stone enhances a contemporary style by emphasizing bold, clean lines. And if you have countertops with character, this design feature is a great option to add an element of awe to your central gathering space.



Creating a beautiful space isn’t the only reason to jump on this trend. Waterfall islands actually offer some functionality! With a continuous edge, you can easily hide bar/counter stools as well as larger in-island appliances.


Waterfall islands also eliminate the scuffed paneling dilemma. The durability of a waterfall island means no more paneling eyesores caused by kids and pets.


Countertops with Character

You will see a variety of countertops this year including classic granite, engineered quartz, butcher block and more. One trend we see in the kitchens we photograph are countertops with interesting veined effects.



This marble-like look can help tie-in multiple elements in a kitchen. It’s also great as a standalone piece designated to the kitchen island.



Metal Accents

Metallics are making their way back into the kitchen and we are digging the subtle (and sometimes over-the-top) glam! A great way to slowly incorporate metals into the kitchen is by starting with the hardware.



Hints of gold, copper, or even brass (yes, brass is back) on handles and faucets can make a kitchen pop. Kitchens with neutral or light palettes can really benefit from this trend.



If shining up your hardware isn’t enough industrial pizzazz, go for gold with the fixtures or add some copper tones to tiling, shelving and even appliances.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is becoming more popular in recent years and we have seen it stacking up nicely against traditional cabinets.

Although some homeowners feel that this design element leaves their kitchen items too exposed for guests to see, many enjoy making a statement with copper mugs and colorful bowls, all while allowing their guests to grab items with ease.


Open shelving is a nice way to make a kitchen feel lighter and more open.  And when it comes to updating, open shelving can help cut costs significantly as new cabinets can become an expensive investment.



“We are really excited with open shelving applied directly over windows,” Devon says. “This allows for kitchens to be inundated with natural light, while still maintaining adequate storage.”


Mosaic Tiling

Intricate tiles are quickly splashing onto walls behind stove tops and farmhouse sinks. “Tiles are huge right now,” Rachel Barefoot of Nelson Southeast told Virtuance. “People are starting to use wall tile in new and unexpected ways.”


Tile is trickling its way down to the kitchen floor, adding some funky Moroccan flair to bright, white kitchens.



Organic Eco

Designers and homeowners are starting to take their kitchens back to the basics with more natural-looking elements; ones that allude to a feeling of organic, light and earthy.


According to Ideal Home, Pinterest searches and saves for ‘eco kitchens’ have risen by 164% while those for organic materials are up by 139%.


Layered plywood cabinetry, or lighter woods like oak, can adapt to both traditional and modern styles.


Ideal Home suggests that cork flooring, concrete tiles, walnut worktops and bamboo lighting will also become a prevalent eco kitchen trend.

Back to Black

Opposite of the white-out kitchen design trend, bold, black elements are stronger than ever. Using black as part of a design palette for kitchens works across all styles and themes.



Many designers and homeowners are using black to add drama to fixtures and hardware, but we are also seeing it in cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes, and shelving.


There you have it – the top 8 kitchen trends we expect to see this year. What we are enjoying the most with 2018 kitchens is the easy blending of styles, which allows designers to incorporate a number of beautiful design elements into one space.

French-country and modern kitchens can now both benefit from mixed metals and white quartz countertops, for example. And industrial kitchens don’t have to be heavy – they can enjoy some eclectic bright tiling and open shelving adorned with lush plants.

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